Apollo Cloud Platform

Apollo Cloud Platform

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1.  Platform Introduction

Apollo Cloud Platform is Fengrunda’s self-developed cloud management system. The system works through the visual management line of cloud platform, and achieves unified maintenance and management. The system can be divided into collecting end, cloud server end and client end. The collecting end collects the working state information of equipment such as switch, bridge and data collector through software, and then transmits the information to build cloud management database through cloud box (a networked physical device). Server side: Summarize the data of the acquisition side and store them in different categories. Real-time data can automatically generate the system transmission topology according to the needs of customers, and dynamically display the working status information of the online equipment. Client: It can view server data and alarm information in real time in PC and mobile APP. Users with administrative authority can also manipulate the equipment through the client to handle the early warning information which has been maintained and managed in various ways.

2. System Functions

· Global perspective, cloud visualization

Cloud platform generates local network topology based on cascade device information, and can also manually import the rendered topology scheme, and then discover adding node devices. Realize the global preview of the whole network, open the site branch below the global view site information, open the corresponding device to view the key configuration and operation status of the current device.

· Layered and hierarchical cloud management and control

Support hierarchical management of access user rights. Users with different rights can repair and view the global network topology, update site information, modify device identification, and deal with early warning and other management work.

Cloud operation and maintenance

Cloud configuration backup is supported. Fault recovery is covered by configuration. Cloud upgrade software can be upgraded in batches. Cloud upgrade time can also be customized to verify the upgrade files in the cloud and upgrade automatically in idle time.(Remote upgrade, regular restart, automatic alarm)

·  Mobile APP management
Supporting mobile APP management software, customers can directly check the network status through the mobile terminal to do basic network maintenance work.

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