Apollo Smart Transport Cloud Management Platform
Real Networking · Global Accurate Positioning · Intelligent Management
Apollo Smart Transport Cloud Management Platform
Integrate monitoring, management, analysis and forecasting
Visual management based on real networking and real-time map positioning
Realize fault location, accurate positioning, real-time warning, online intelligent analysis to solve faults, and provide decision guidance for network optimization based on data analysis.
Powerful data collection and analysis background, can carry tens of millions of concurrent connections
Three management methods
Local management
Cloud management
Mobile management
Nine core modules
Cloud topology
The offline device uploads to the cloud through the gateway to form a real network topology map in the cloud.
Resource visualization
The cloud can view the current critical resource usage of the device: memory, CPU, PoE power, and port number.
Risk warning, prevent problems before they happen
Supports offline alarms of devices and responds quickly to recovery of interrupted services.
Equipment resources and line resource warnings, and guide the rational optimization of network configuration.
Operational warnings to avoid illegal operations and misuse.
Real map, fast fault location
Multi-site management, all gateway devices are displayed on the real-life map through map positioning, and faults are quickly located.
Through the real map, you can directly click on the list of devices on the site to view and manage.
Cloud operation and maintenance, configuration, and upgrade batch processing
The software is delivered in batches through the platform, and the configuration files need to be set separately.
You can customize the upgrade time and reduce network resources to avoid business interruption.
Multi-user, multi-dimensional permissions, hierarchical management
Support multi-use management, multiple rights allocation management; support user rights page dynamic display.
Support platform user registration, system re-authorization.
AI blessing, intelligent scheduling
Set a custom trigger mechanism to automatically adjust the device resource configuration to achieve continuous network stability.
Business analysis, decision-making can be based on
Support core data statistical analysis to provide support information for business decisions.
Open interface, customer business import
Support customer business import, improve one-stop management of multi-resources.

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