Hotel Black Technology|HORED Smart Hotel System will be officially unveiled at 2019 CES

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"The future has appeared in advance on CES again and again"


Semiconductor radios, mobile phones, video tape recorders, car audio, FM stereo traffic broadcasts, home computers, CD players, etc. CES has seen too many historical turning points.Founded in 1967, the International Consumer Electronics Show CES®, sponsored by the Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association (CTA), has been a technocratic feast of global influence TOP1 for 52 years of glory, aiming to bring cutting-edge technology and Modern life is closely linked.The world's leading black technology show, leading the world's consumer electronics products, the world's most eye-catching annual technology feast, each time to bring surprises and breakthroughs for consumers!


Fengrunda will bring smart hotel and smart home system "hard core technology"

Cooperating with Alibaba

Attack CES to create a more intelligent life.


January 8-11, 2019

Las Vegas Convention and Exhibition Center

Design & Source Showcase

LVCC - South Plaza


Let’s focus on this time.

The world's first Fengrunda smart hotel system.


Internet of Everything

A model for the hotel's digital transformation - Smart Hotel


In the big wave of the IT era turning to the DT era, how to meet the needs of consumers, from "people" to "commodities", restructuring the supply and demand structure, has become a hotel to open profit models and boundaries, to cope with the new wave of the times Core strategy.

In 2020, the 5G era is coming, digital transformation has become the core strategy of most hotels. Reconstructing core technologies, reconstructing user experience, reconfiguring product services, and reconstructing business models - smart hotels are reshaping the hotel's space value. Become an inevitable trend.


HORED Fengrunda Smart Hotel System


Cloud-based modern hotel service management platform. It includes online process selection, self-service reservation, 24-hour one-stop smart experience, room service, self-service renewal/departure and other convenient process.


Five intelligent control methods


Face recognition, voice control, mobile phone intelligence control, panel intelligence control, remote control.


24-hour one-stop smart service experience


Bring more value to hotel upgrades


Smart hotel experience scene


Booking / renewal / check out mode

Travel, everyone is looking forward to a perfect and comfortable hotel, as if to return home. Guests can use the mobile phone to VR to select, book, pay, renew, check out, and invoice.


Unforgettable whole house smart stay experience

There is no need to check in and take a magnetic card at the front desk at check-in, and the self-certification system verifies the identity. And unlock the permission, the phone is the key. Follow the one-click navigation to the room.


Welcome mode

Pushing in the door, the lights are on, greetings to the guests; the temperature of the air conditioner is suitable for this season; the favorite music, has long been waiting for this old friend.


Getting up mode

Curtains, bedside lamps, and soothing music are automatically activated. Every traveler is welcome: Please enjoy every day of happiness.


Romantic mode

The music and movies of each other's favorite, at the scheduled time, with the words spoken, suddenly played, the lights automatically open, at this time a promise, a promise, an instant, shine the romantic romance, engraved into a lifetime of memories .


Reading mode

Soothing country music, or soul jazz, or symphony, dancing with the thoughts of books, the hotel instantly transforms into a place in the reading world.


Night mode

Turn off the lights, turn off the curtains, turn off the TV, a sleeping song, bathe, sleep with a comfortable bed. When you get up at night, the required lights turn on automatically. So quiet.


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