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On October 26, the 2018 China International Public Security Products Expo (Security China) ended in perfection. It is reported that the exhibition has a total exhibition area of more than 100,000 square meters. Exhibitors have gathered more than 1,000 well-known brands and manufacturers from more than 20 countries and regions around the world. The number of visitors has reached a record high, exceeding 170,000 people.

In this security fair, Fengrunda as one of the strong representative enterprises, and is also the unique cloud-based IoT integrated solution provider in the industry. With AI intelligent product series (AI intelligent POE, AI industrial IoT, AI smart Bridge, AI Smart Home), which attracted high attention at the exhibition, is very eye-catching. Visitors from all over the country have gained a deeper understanding of Fengrunda AI Smart Series through this exhibition. After the exhibition, Fengrunda and many customers reached a cooperation agreement.

In this exhibition, Fengrunda AI series and continuous innovation and independent research and development achievements were highly praised by Secretary General Zhang Xiaozhong of China Security and Protection Products Industry Association.

The highlights of the site are as follows:

Highlight 1: AI PoE Switch
In 2018, Fengrunda launched the world's first AI PoE series AI106 and AI1010. The high-performance characteristics of “One Key Control” were popular in the market, and more AI series products were exhibited on-site.

AI , one-stop cloud management platform, the industry is stunning first: 120+ functional modules to meet the full business needs (layer 3 router, DHCP, VLAN, QoS, IPv6, 802.1X, hardware watchdog); AI PoE, never drop (AI intelligent automatic detection found that the dead device automatically restarts); AI mode, one key control (AI extend, AI QoS, AI VLAN); triple loop protection, network security and reliability, support loop protection, spanning tree ( STP, RSTP, MSTP), link aggregation, link load balancing, link backup; APOLLO platform (cloud visualization, cloud management, cloud operation and maintenance, mobile APP).


Highlight 2: AI Industrial IoT

AI Industrial IoT introduces the high-stability IS series industrial switches that are highly stable under harsh environments. Designed to meet the needs of extreme environmental applications such as smart transportation, smart parking, and Xueliang project, the product integrates various functions such as routing, switching, and security. The application requirements of multi-service scenarios can be introduced into the AI PoE function to ensure the continuous line of terminal equipment. The heavy equipment must be driven by wind and thunder. Fengrunda AI industrial switch includes four AI working modes, - AI VLAN, AI POE, AI Extend, AI Loop proted; cloud management, visible; automatic warning, prevention In the future; Apollo platform, cloud visualization, cloud management, cloud operation and maintenance, mobile APP.

Highlight 3: AI Smart Family

Fengrunda smart home system that has been carefully developed has many achievements in the forefront of the industry. Fengrunda's self-developed Zigbee technology solution has 5 advantages: fast data forwarding and 50ms low latency, far lower than the industry average of 300ms; packet loss rate <1%; network is stable, and the network can not be dropped; The intelligent gateway has powerful automatic compatibility, which can quickly identify and automatically select the optimal communication mode. 3 industry's first, architecture reconstruction, on the basis of rapid response and stability of the network, transmission efficiency increased by 50%.

Highlight 4: AI Wireless Bridge

Fengrunda Bridge is optimized with in-depth hardware and software. It is still started normally in the low temperature environment of -40 °C, and compare to competitor, the transmission distance is 50% higher, and the belt capacity is 200% higher. In addition to excellent hardware design, ad hoc network, TDMA, ACK, automatic spectrum scanning, and more capacity, there is a one-stop management software that makes maintenance and management of bridge transmission more convenient, stable and secure.

Although the 2018 Security Expo has been a perfect ending, the enthusiasm associated with Fengrunda has not faded, and AI Smart will continue to move forward.

Thank you for meeting. The new journey has set sail and I look forward to the next Security Expo meeting with you again.

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