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HORED Landed IFSEC INDIA 2017 Security Exhibition

Time:2018-03-31 [Return]

Let life be beautiful like summer flowers and death like autumn leaves

         One hundred years ago, the great writer Tagore wrote a great poem on the banks of the Ganges.

India, one of the four world’s ancient civilizations, the center of the ancient world, and the birthplace of Buddhism.

India, the largest country in the subcontinent of South Asia, one of five BRICS' BRICS, a promising emerging economy.

On 6th Dec, 2017, IFSEC INDIA 2017 Security Exhibition opened in New Delhi.

The Indian Security Exhibition has an important influence in South Asia and even the entire world.

HORED brought the latest products and technologies to this historic legendary country and played a new chapter in the ancient Kingdom of Brahma.

In this Exhibition, HORED showed full range of products in front of customers in South Asia and the world, and bring new impact to security and smart home industry.

In the exhibition site, HORED fully demonstrated the complete product ecosystem, including:

Security Transmission Ecosystem, Smart WIFI Ecosystem and Smart Home Ecosystem

HORED POE switches, wireless bridge CPE, wireless AP products and smart home HOSMART products, have greatly attracted the attention of customers around the world. Security and related international colleagues in the industry, entered the booth to discuss, studied the product technology and performance and talked about cooperation prospects.

HORED's rich and brand-new product lines and industry-proactive product ecosystem and solutions have left a strong impression on South Asian and even global customers. It has evoked waves of cooperation, and HORED brand influence in South Asia. The market has been greatly improved.

From India to Chinese best friend Pakistan, from the Middle East to Europe and the United States, and even customers from all over the world, such as Africa, have lingered at the HORED booth. They were here to explore in-depth business opportunities, planed to jointly explore new markets, and create a new situation of cooperation and win-win.

The global security market ushers in a new era of new development. As an important player in the field of security and smart homes, HORED in the IFSEC INDIA 2017, face South Asia and even the whole world, demonstrated the achievements of technology and innovation once again. It will take innovation and technology as its mission. We will work with colleagues from South Asia and other parts of the world, cooperate closely, stride forward, and create new opportunities in the new economic era.

We come nearest to the great when we are great in humility.

                 May the great writer Tagore's poems as our mutual encouragement.