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HORED shines at the Moscow International Security Exhibition

Time:2018-03-31 [Return]

Everyone wants to change the world

But few people think about changing themselves

The value of life is not measured by time, but by depth.

Russia, the largest country in the world’s territories across Europe and Asia,


Russia is vast and full of heroic epics and tragedies.


Russia, a country of literary art, symphony, ballet and great poetry

Russia, one of the top five countries in the Security Council;

Russia, the world's major industrial countries, important emerging economies, and one of the five BRICS countries;

Russia, the core country of the former Soviet Union, entered the gateway to the markets of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

On March 20, 2018, the 24th Moscow International Security Exhibition in Moscow was grandly opened at the Ruby Pavilion in Moscow. The Moscow Security Exhibition had significant influence in the former Soviet union and Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and Russia itself, as an economic power, also attracted many security practitioners. HORED has come to this vast country with the latest products and technologies and once again entered the world stage.

At the International Security Exhibition in Moscow, the full range of products of Fengrunda HORED was launched. At the exhibition site, Fengrunda HORED demonstrated a complete product ecosystem, including: Security Transmission Ecosystem, Smart WIFI Ecosystem and Smart Home Ecosystem.

Fengrunda HORED's POE switch products, wireless bridge CPE, smart WIFI products and smart home HOSMART products have attracted the attention of European and even global customers. International colleagues in security and related industries have entered the booth and communicated cordially. Understand product technology and performance and discuss cooperation prospects. Fengrunda HORED's rich and brand-new product line and industry-proactive product ecosystem and solutions have left a strong impression on customers and evoked a wave of cooperation talks. Fengrunda HORED brand influence in Russia and Eastern Europe The market has been greatly improved.

Customers from all over the world are lingering in the HORED booth at Fengrunda, where they explore in-depth business opportunities, plan to jointly explore new markets, and create a new situation of cooperation and win-win situation.

In 2018, the global security market ushered in new opportunities and challenges and entered a new era of rapid development.


As an important player in the field of security and smart homes,


Fengrunda HORED at the 2018 Moscow International Security Exhibition,


Once again demonstrating the achievements of technology and innovation, we will take innovative technology and wisdom as our own responsibility, adhering to the concept of acceleration, innovation, and win-win. We will work together with industry colleagues from all over the world to cooperate with each other and work together to move forward to big security, the Internet of things and cloud era future.

Determination is power


                         Confidence is success


                                                                        -- Leo Tolstoy




Let us draw new strengths from great maxims and recreate them.