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Shining in the center of the world - HORED IFSEC LONDON 2017

Time:2017-06-22 [Return]

London is one of the major cities in the world, and it’s the largest city in Europe.

London is the political, economic, cultural, financial centre in the world. It’s the core of the old continent, and the model of globalization.

HORED attend IFSEC LONDON 2017 on 20th June, 2017, shining the most eye-catching light in the center of the world.

IFSEC Show was held in ExCeL London. The full name is International Fire and Security Exhibition and Conference (UK). After nearly 40 years of development, it has become a highly influential global security exhibition. It’s the showcase and trade platform for new products issue and annual purchase.

After ISC West show in Las Vegas, HORED come to IFSEC London again.
It’s a more solid step in the internationalization of the road, from the New World to the old continent, from Las Vegas to London. The time and space change, but HORED keep the global pioneering spirit and unswerving ambition.

The booth of HORED is designed to be simple and elegant, tall and open with international style. In this exhibition, HORED show the complete product ecosystem, including security transmission ecosystem, smart WIFI ecosystem and smart home ecosystem.

In exhibition, HORED show POE switches, Wireless bridge CPE, wireless AP and smart home HOSMART products, which attract the great interest of customers around the world. Many customers come for conversation, learn product parameters and performance, discuss solutions and cooperation prospects.

HORED various of product line and complete product ecosystem bring a great idea of the impact to the global customers. The brand global influence has been greatly improved.

From Europe to the United States, from the Middle East to Latin America, from Africa to Australia, customers come to HORED booth to explore and find the future of the security industry, and cheer for made-in-China products.

International security industry masters stay in HORED booth for long time. They
depth research and understand the full range of product ecosystems built by HORED,
find business opportunities, gain inspiration and inspiration.
As the representative of China's high-tech enterprises, people all
gasped with admiration at the unlimited potential of HORED.

As a global security market pioneer and beach-goers, through IFSEC LONDON 2017, HORED show the power of science and technology and innovation to the world again. As always, HORED keep working hand in hand with global partners to build industry dreams, shining in the center of the world.

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