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Just Need a Kiss

Time:2017-05-12 [Return]

It is said that God can not be everywhere, so he created a mother;
Everyone has their own mother, you never know what kind of fate she had;
There is a book in the world that will never be written. That is mother;
Mother is the most powerful name.

It's mother's day again;
The baby grew from a baby;
And mother, one day, will grow old...

To the world you may be one person,

but to one person you may be the world.

Mother always says nothing, all they need maybe just a kiss;
And many people far away from home, how  to meet the mother's little wish?
Are you always thinking about your mother, and are you trying to provide a safer watch for her life?

On Mother's day, Hored  hope to do someting for mothers;
For mother, for thousands of families to provide a more intimate home security guards;
The children far away from their homeland,  just like at home now; 

Hored intelligent security HOSmart,
To build the most reassuring family harbour,

Happy mother's day to all mothers...