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HORED 2017(Chengdu) itinerant exhibition and city communication meeting

Time:2017-05-12 [Return]


“ HORED 2017(Chengdu) itinerant exhibition and city communication meeting is held in Xiangyu hotel on the 21th March.

The wonderful speech cover the hot point technology and product. For example PoE switch, PON-PoE switch, wireless bridge, wireless AP, smart home security and so on.

The marketing director indroduce company culture, core value, product system, maketing strategy.


FAE introduce PoE transmission solution, smart security ecosystem, wireless AP coverage system.

Meanwhile, FAE introduce our advantages.

 Some customers have questions, FAE provide the technical support for customer.

The biggest bright spot is  the actual operation. FAE connect the PoE switch, PON-PoE switch , OLT, optical splitter , IP camera and monitor, making simple surveillance PON-PoE networking and long range 250m PoE project, the video and image is definition and fluency.

The actual operation help customer to solve the issue .


HORED launch new product including PON-PoE switch, wireless bridge, long range 250m PoE switch. Especially the long range 250m PoE switch  and PON-PoE switch attract many customers attention.

HORED marketing manager launch big gift activity for customer support, and invite our agent to share the cooperation testimonials.