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New Product/RD-W665AP Outdoor Dual-band Base Station AP

Time:2017-05-11 [Return]



March, is the season of spring, but also the beginning of the year. In this spring and good season, Fengrunda officially launched outdoor base stations AP: RD-W660AP (2.4G) and RD-W665AP (2.4G / 5.8G). This is two special wireless AP, can adapt to some extreme outdoor environment, build efficient wireless network.

Today introduce the above RD-W665AP, outdoor dual-band base station AP

Metal die-cast aluminum alloy case, superior performance

Industrial-grade case, metal die-cast aluminum alloy, fully sealed design, beautiful appearance, compression, anti-fall, no rust, not easy to deformation, durable. High-performance processor, to provide massive data throughput and strong load capacity; high reception sensitivity, excellent heat dissipation, so that equipment is extremely accelerated, ultra-stable

FRP smart antenna, High Quality PA/LNA


External 4 glass fiber reinforced plastic antenna (2pcs 2.4GHz 8dBi, 2pcs  5.8G 8dBi), beautiful atmosphere, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, 8dBi omni directional antenna, 360 ° no dead ends, covering a wide range. High-quality PA / LNA, so that WiFi signals such as steel indestructible

 1200Mbps to make the Internet much faster

Using high-performance chip, dual-band dual-way concurrent design, support for 802.11ac protocol, transmission rate up to 1200Mbps, fast and stable, enjoy outdoor WiFi  Internet happy.

Covering the radius of 200 meters with more than 100 units


RD-W665A provide WiFi signal to easily meet the needs of a wide range of wireless coverage, while the characteristics of different bands for optimization, the signal stronger, covering a wider range of access to 100 + wireless client

       High power

Support 802.11a / b / g / n / ac standard,  5.8G and 2.4G at the same time two-way work, the channel wider, faster. Using MIMO technology and high power design, the maximum transmit power of 500mw, better transmission performance and stability

 The ultimate craft endure bad weather


The use of sealed anti-thunder, waterproof, dustproof, moistureproof design, the device itself is a protective box. High degree of protection, heat and cold, outdoor harsh  environment completely competent.        
  Internally and externally professional 

       RD-W665AP supports intelligent RF management, intelligent load balancing, seamless roaming, Chinese SSID, PoE power supply, AC centralized management, energy saving and environmental protection, and permanent free use of  Fengrunda cloud platform.

Suitable for a variety of applications


Widely used in scenic spots, schools, factories, farms, driving school, squares, parks, residential areas and other large areas of relatively few obstacles, but also can be used specifically for high-density areas


RD-W665AP outdoor dual-band base station AP, the use of metal die-casting aluminum alloy, anti-thunder, waterproof and dustproof, 2.4G / 5.8G dual-band concurrent, dual-band support for high-power output, equipped with FRP smart antenna, a Gigabit WAN port and 1 100 megahertz LAN port, the transmission rate of 1200Mbps. As an outdoor base station AP, RD-W665AP applicable to a wide range of places, coupled with its hardware and software features, to meet the needs of different occasions.
       This is the dual-band base station AP RD-W665AP introduction, there is a single-frequency 2.4G base station AP RD-W660AP, if you want to know more details, welcome to call 0755-23708300.