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2017 Hored seminar in Shijiazhuang

Time:2017-05-11 [Return]



April 27, Fengrunda meet Ji'an union in Shijiazhuang to create the highest platform for the exchange of security in Hebei

The exchange will be held in Hebei Province, Shijiazhuang Nuohua Ting hotel top floor, the venue high-end atmosphere, the scene popular bursting, the scene gathered more than 100 security industry elite, so this exchange
  become the highest forum for the exchange of security in Hebei

Through this meeting, Fengrunda and Ji An union is committed to build a security industry in the future, open up a new situation in the security market.

The meeting has also been a strong support from the agents,
 make unremitting efforts to hold the meeting, hand in hand, heart to heart

In this exchange meeting, many security industry professional talk about the prospects of security plans, the atmosphere was excellent.

senior FAE Mr Tang made a wonderful speech of secure transmission ecosystem, intelligent WIFI ecosystem and intelligent security ecosystem. And introduced the solution provided by Fengrunda. And enthusiastically interact with the customers,  answer their concerns of the products and technical issues.


Fengrunda agent representatives also made a speech, looking back
  the cooperation of Fengrunda win-win situation, do believe the next cooperation is full of expectations.


The most exciting is the scene of the lottery , Jian union partners have sent a variety of awards, especially Fengrunda switches are popular. The lucky ones take a photo as memorial, praise the gift is nice.


Through this exchange, POE switches and bridges, classic into the wall AP, ceiling AP

,PON-PoE switch, AC controller, intelligent security products, and the partners of the products together shine the audience , Customers said it is a worthwhile trip, and  made a positive evaluation about Fengrunda leading technical level.

Shijiazhuang exchange is a great success, so that Fengrunda and partners in the Hebei market will have bigger and further cooperation, also have good effects on the surrounding market, to promote the new situation of the security market
 is coming soon, the future can be expected

          Fengrunda @ Jian Union