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Hored smart lock

Time:2017-05-10 [Return]


Fengrunda launched a smart door lock recently, its safe, convenient, stylish, technology, high-end, to bring convenient life,  and guard family safety day and night. The smart door lock has two colors, Red cooper  elegant, yellow cooper luxury fashion, widely used in wooden doors, iron doors, copper doors, villa doors and other materials of the door.


Let’s check its characteristics as following:


1, Simple and fashion appearance.

Technology aesthetic and functional integration, simple appearance, touch-style design fashion durable, full-angle OLED LCD screen to make the operation more simple and intelligent. All-metal one molding, zinc alloy material, durable, rust, anti-smashing, anti-violence, long service life.

 2, Diversified unlock ways.

Support fingerprint , password, mechanical key ,you can also fingerprint + password combo.
FPC fingerprint, optical fingerprint collection, 360 ° fingerprint identification, support 200 fingerprints storage, 5 management fingerprints can be set up.
When you are unlocking by password, it is ok arbitrarily increase garbled before and after the correct password as long as the middle password is correct.

Spare mechanical key, emergency unlock.

3, Free handle.

Free handle design, effective protection of the lock body, the RMA is much lower than the push-pull handle.

4, Low power consumption.

Using low-power DSP chip and clutch combination to reduce power consumption, 4 AA batteries can be used for one year continuously, alarm will be triggered when low power.

you can use the USB emergency charging unlock if did not replace the battery on time.

5, high security.

Super B-level double leaves into the lock cylinder, thieves spend a few hours is also difficult to unlock; hidden keyhole, special under the design to prevent thieves technical unlock, security without flaws.

6, Highlights:

fingerprint , password , emergency mechanical keys, ultra B security lock core, emergency USB port, 304 stainless steel lock , FPC fingerprint , indoor anti-lock, password anti-peeping, low power consumption and so on.

Fengrunda smart door lock is not just a lock, but the family security. Security and face,  intelligent and humane coexistence. You can have a try and catch the trend, installed a smart door lock  for your home!