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HOSmart Ecosystem, Smart Security for Smart Home

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The Application of Smart Security for Smart Home
       In recent years, news reports of home fire, gas leaks, nanny abuse child events are more and more, and these things are completely avoidable. Only subsequent rescue, or wait for the trunk and then deal with, will cause irreparable damage.

      How important is home security? Some people compare it with insurance. If there is trouble, it is useful; or useless without trouble. This idea forms a wrong logic: the family is generally no accident, so it’s no use. The root cause of this idea is that there is no real understanding about smart home, nor does it correctly recognize the importance and necessity of family security.

Statistics show that 90% of the family will be halfway away in cooking, 60% will often go away; 70% of households do not have smoke alarms, 23% have never heard of; 30% of the family kitchen use big power appliances with wiring power strip, and 12% often so. You can know that many families have more or less security risks. Once there is accident, it will be very serious.

How to enhance and build home security? Avoid accidents and minimize the damage through early detection of dangerous devices. This can be done by smart security equipments. Based on the actual situation, the use of smoke sensors, gas leak detectors, smart door sensors, etc. it can effectively achieve fire insurance, gas leakage, early detection of outsiders, early prevention.

       Smart security equipment for home application
       In the smart home, the application of smart security is mainly reflected in the monitoring, security, fire warning:

       1, home monitoring
       Commonly used equipment is a smart camera for real-time monitoring of the situation at home. User can view the changes at home anytime, anywhere through the phone. In addition to remote viewing, the smart camera also has a human motion detection alarm, two-way voice, multi-user sharing, infrared night vision, HD playback and other functions.

       2, fire warning
       This type of equipment is mainly used for home fire and explosion, commonly used equipment smoke sensors, gas leak detectors, smart switches, etc. When smoke or gas close to a certain concentration, it will be issued an alarm, or automatically cut off the power to prevent fire.

       3, home security
       Anti-theft equipment, including human activities and doors and windows switch sensor equipment, such as infrared intrusion detectors, doors and windows magnetic, smart door locks. These devices in the system fortified state, to be able to sense someone to enter, doors and windows open, then alarm and timely sent alarm to the user's mobile phone, to protect the family and the purpose of property. Smart locks set convenience, security and interactive together. Never be afraid of thieves or keys lost.

       FengRunda smart security products

First of all, the spatial zone point of view, doors, windows and other security settings at the gateway is essential.
       Equipment: intelligent door lock HOS-SD-Pro1, intelligent camera HOS-IPC-Pro1, infrared intrusion detector HOS-MS-Max1, intelligent door sensor HOS-DS-Max1 and so on.

       Second, from the perspective of life needs, "fire, gas, water, electricity" is the basic needs of life, but sometimes become unstable factors, so there should be related testing.
       Equipment: Smoke sensor HOS-SA-Max1, Gas leak detector HOS-GS-Max1.

       Finally, a single device and then cattle and then intelligent, but also play no role, need a "commander" co-ordination management.
       Equipment: intelligent gateway host HOS-GW-Pro1, mobile APP, cloud.

       HOSmart Ecosystem
       From the name, this is a family security ecosystem, which sets the door sensor, infrared intrusion detector, intelligent camera as a whole for the home security inside and outside.

       Compared with a single intelligent device, it can customize the home security linkage, such as: infrared intrusion, doors and windows sensors detector situation occurred, at this moment, the user will not only receive the alarm information, but also be reminded to recall the camera to remotely view the home security situation.

 HOSmart Ecosystem, not a simple combination of equipment to carry out a simple induction, alarm. To be a variety of equipment, reasonable integration and deep support, it is the magic of it.