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2017 Hored seminar in Beijing

Time:2017-05-10 [Return]

Beijing, the capital of China,
 is the center of politics, economy and culture of China,  also is the most important place of China.

We all know that beijing has been the most valued business market location in China.


On April 25, 2017, Fengrunda seminar was be held in Beijing.

This seminar attracted lots of guests from many different regions and areas , and the Beijing security industry and engineering industry colleagues come to the meeting, the room gathered more than 120 industry elites, reflects
 a huge brand influence and strong appeal in Beijing area.


The meeting was held in Beijing Burson-Marsteller International Hotel, the meeting win more high-profile.

This seminar was chaired by the assistant of general manager Mr. Fang, Mr. Fang win more applause by full of his humorous in the opening intro.

representative of agent came to speak, talk with the rich and innovative cooperation and win-win situation.Forecast to the prospects for cooperation, full of hope and expectations.


The marketing department Mr. Zheng in charge of the introduction of the rich and prosperous corporate culture and core values, as well as product system, honor and quality, and look forward to win-win cooperation, preaching the great prospect of national investment, the scene guests were encouraged,

Followed by the first round  is the lucky draw, the agent Ma picked up a  lucky and biggest prize for 3 of these guests , then have a group photo taken to mark the occasion.  Every lucky guy rejoice at that.


  prepared a bunch of generous presents for the guests, makes every guest who attended this seminar deeply felt Fengrunda’s  sincere and strength.

The senior FAE Tang cordially explained the security transmission
 system for the guests and also fully introduced the excellent solutions which provided by Fengrunda to the guests   .


Another senior FAE Huang ,workers, the scene for the audience to explain the rich and intelligent WIFI ecosystem and intelligent security ecosystem. And patiently answered the customer's question.


In the final awards session, more awards were awarded, the scene guests happy, all the richest to the customer's feedback and strong support expressed praise, warm and friendly atmosphere.

During this seminar , a full range of products
  in Fengrunda were displayed in the meeting room.


The guests in the meeting room are all amazed after visited and learned the products and the technologies of Fengrunda.


The sales manager Wu and the
  sales manager Xu, who are from our Beijing Office,  highly welcome all of the customers’ arrival, Manager Wu was sending red envelopes to the guests by WeChat ,which makes the atmosphere there was warm and unusual,  every guest deeply satisfied. 

During this
seminar, Fengrunda displayed PoE switches, wireless bridges, wireless AP, smart home, smart locks and other products etc... to us. Becomes the biggest highlight in this meeting, the guests fully understand the investment prospects with us Fengrunda.


In this
 seminar, we Fengrunda obtained a complete success, and has taken a key & unusual step. Fengrunda shows the great appeal and brand influence in Beijing , which will continue to promote the further development and upgrading of the national market, and providing a solid foundation for us to  trend towards global. Feng Runda, expecting to work with you hand in hand and realize the win-win situation.