AIoT one-stop smart hotel system solution

  • artificial intelligence

    Face recognition automatic registration
  • Big Data

    Smart check-in
  • Internet of Things

    Intelligent terminal control
  • Management platform

    Business service management platform

Program advantage

Using a variety of technical solutions, combined with artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of Things, Internet platform, through the integration of hotel lighting, electricity, services, management control,
Security, door and window shading, audio-visual entertainment systems, etc., to achieve the interconnection and optimal use of resources, reduce labor and energy costs, improve brand reputation and operational efficiency.

Before staying

  • VR online selection
  • Self check-in
  • Online payments

Live in

  • Intelligent control elevator
  • One-click navigation
  • Face / phone unlock
  • Welcome scenario
  • 24h intelligent experience
  • Full customer service
  • One click to continue

After living

  • Self-service payment
  • Self check out
  • Booking an invoice
  • Receive invoice

More detailed service and drainage experience

Value characteristic

Solving the industry"6"Great pain point

Business pain point solution
Old customer activation is difficult / low conversion rate Integrate small program interaction process and CMS system development, guide customers to turn into hotel fans, build hotel own customer database, and achieve precise marketing.
High cost of human communication at the front desk Guests can self-check-in, check-out, renewal, invoice processing, registration of membership procedures; appointments, cleaning, ordering, vehicles, call clerk and other services.
High service management costs The intelligent evaluation system allows guests to evaluate the service before, during and after check-in. The administrator monitors the background through real-time monitoring to improve the service quality and enhance the user's reputation.
Rely on OTA, high customer cost Through WeChat small program diversion or self-built online sales channels, the sales cost of cooperation with large platforms can be saved, and more independent passenger flow can be obtained.
Hotel staff flying room loss Record the check-in time, record the rights of the door opener, optimize the room control, effectively prevent the hotel from flying, and improve the room management benefits.
Smart devices are unstable and difficult to maintain Self-owned IoT core technology, industry-leading ZigBee wireless communication technology, carrier-grade stability; online monitoring of equipment status, remote maintenance, convenient and fast.

AVATAR Smart Management Platform

Morning mode

Curtains, bedside lamps, and soothing music are automatically activated. Please enjoy every day of happiness.

Welcome mode

The welcome mode is automatically turned on after self check-in. Pushing in the door, the light is on, the air conditioner is turned on for the right temperature, and the favorite music is automatically ringing.

Meeting mode

The living room and dining room are available in a variety of modes including bright, casual, dining and cocktails to create the best atmosphere.

Audio and video entertainment mode

The curtains and headlights are automatically turned off, the ambient light is turned on, and the theater/KTV mode is switched in one second.

Sleep mode

Turn off the lights, TV, curtains, turn on the music before going to bed, the air conditioner automatically adjusts, and the night light turns on.

Full room service online

One-click reservations for calling, cleaning, ordering, laundry, vehicles, delivery, luggage storage and other services.

One click to continue

Even if you are outdoors, you don't have to look around for a business card to call the front desk. You can easily complete the renewal process on a small program.

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