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Main Products:

PoE switches, Gigabit switches, Ethernet switches, wireless AP, PoE power supply, PoE splitter PoE Extender

1. Cooperation

1.1 The cooperation with Fengrunda for oversea market, is brand agency system.

1.2 The agency is the general agency of local country or area.
1.3 Basing on contract and local situation, the agency should guarantee minimum annual sales.

2. Condition and Request about Angecy

2.1 Must have Legal and effective business license.

2.2 Agree with Fengrunda's enterprise culture and business idea.
2.3 Would like to work with Fengrunda and develop the brand of Fengrunda products.
2.4 Good credit and abundant capital.
2.5 Have full experience, customers and distribution channels of CCTV products.
2.6 Have excellent business team and perfect management system.
2.7 Good customer service and technical support.

3. Application for Angecy

3.1 Inquiry before application: Angency should understand the situation, products, service and policy of Fengrunda. The both sides have cooperation purpose and agreement.

3.2 Application: Application should be submitted in written form. Please fill the application blank and send to Fengrunda by email or fax.(More details please contact foreign sales of Fengrunda)
3.3 Audit: Fengrunda make detailed assessment about agency. Information will be sent to agency if approve.
3.4 Contract: The both sides sign and stamp on contract. Fengrunda issue "Authorised Distributor" certification to angecy.