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Always put the sense of user experience first

The most important requirement for networking is simple: great experiences. HORED delivers the insight, automation, and assurance needed for the best operator and end user experiences from client to cloud.

Industry excellent solutions

Test hored's enterprise solution through our online communication and demonstration.

Experience high-speed network products

Unleash the full power and potential of your network using our open ecosystem approach.

Network transmission ser- vice provider

Change the way your customer network works

Take an innovative, automated, experience first approach to your infrastructure, operations, and managed services. Our solutions put your experience as a network operator and customer service experience in the first place to help your enterprise maintain agility, competitiveness and security in a rapidly changing economy.

Network equipment operator

Provide excellent experience in network transmission scale

Drive innovation while delivering the performance and agility customers expect. Our network transport solutions help you deliver applications and services efficiently and securely at scale.

Change your lifestyle

Improve efficiency while ensuring your network is secure, customizable, and affordable.


Happy customers, real results

Discover how our customers are transforming the way people connect, work, and live


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Top network operators use our solutions to

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Leading retailers create first-class experiences with our products

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The world's largest service provider runs on the hored network


Rooted in product R & D and innovation, and based on scene intelligent coverage
"By building hored network devices, we can expand bandwidth at a lower cost. We have seen operational and financial efficiency."
Blair Du, vice president of China Travel Network Platform

School solutions

Tangshan Normal University

WiFi wireless coverage engineering solution


Hotel solutions

MIGO Sleep Hotel

stable wired and wireless network without dead ends HD monitoring network


Park solutions

Yuekang Pharmaceutical Group

Yuekang Pharmaceutical Group Taihe Pharmaceutical Industrial Park Wireless Coverage Project